Bethlehem and Calvary

by Winifred Cannon

Oh silent Bethlehem attend and see
How gently Mary tends her new-born King:
Mark with what reverence and ecstasy,
Her humble virgin heart with joy will sing.

See with what tenderness, she tucks within,
Those coverlets, His tiny Hands and Feet,
Oh, with what loving care she kisses Him,
And smoothes the pillow for His Head so sweet.

Oh silent Bethlehem, attend and see,
Mary's most precious task is now complete!

Oh silent Calvary, attend and see,
How sadly Mary watches Christ, her King,
Mark with what noble, patient sympathy,
Her anguished mother heart meets sorrow's ring.

Bravely she watches, her sweet face grows pale,
And suffers other hands to "tuck Him in,"
His Hands and Feet they "tuck" beneath the nails,
His kiss is gall; a token of man's sin.

Oh, silent Calvary, attend and see,
Man's most ignoble work is now complete!

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