Let Us Go Over To Bethlehem

by Mary Catherine Brennan

What thoughts, O tender Mother, filled
Your heart that Christmas night?
Of that high moment when you heard
From God's own acolyte.

"The Lord is with thee. Blessed, thou..."
That you might souls unbind
That all of heaven looked to you
And all of humankind;

Did you relive exultant joys,
And days of journeying
That led to your aged cousin's home
Through valley's bright with Spring,

Or gazing on your new-born Son
See Cana; Calvary--
Beyond the lantern's dimming rays
A million altars see

Whose light would spell eternal Love,
With solace, strength for men;
And songs that echoed Bethlehem
Bring holy peace

If we draw near the hallowed cave
As shepherds did that morn,
You'll whisper all that filled your heart
That night our Christ was born.

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